Posted by: Liana | October 27, 2009


Kudos to my friend and colleague Darrin Sato at Kamehameha for teaching me about Have you ever wanted to share several links with someone or with a class? is the place for you! 

Today our teachers at the elementary school were fortunate to have Stephanie Harvey (a Heinemann author) present to us in an all day workshop on teaching non-fiction (reading and writing). It was fabulous. Well throughout the day, Stephanie would mention different authors and studies and websites that we might find useful in our work with non fiction. I had multiple tabs up by the end of the day but most teachers in the room didn’t have their laptops.

So I went to and created a sharetab link for everyone. With the press of a button I was able to create a sharetab called

Picture 4

It was so easy! One click practically! And now everyone will have all the websites literally at their fingertips. There is a “preview” of each website as well as links as “tabs” at the top of the sharetabs page.

Thanks Darrin!


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