Posted by: Liana | September 15, 2009

iPods, Laptops Replacing School Textbooks – ABC News

I am wondering if I should be sharing this with my principal, teachers and library media specialists. What do you think? Would it make a difference?
I am not a big fan of textbooks of any sort (well, maybe math…). I think they become outdated too quickly, they have inconsistent and inaccurate data frequently, they are TOO HEAVY for kids to haul around in their backpacks (seriously, I remember my 5th grader having to lug 5 textbooks on any given day) and there is so much information out there on the web at their fingertips (via handheld devices and laptops). Besides the fact that they are EXPENSIVE and a waste of trees.
What do you think?iPods, Laptops Replacing School Textbooks – ABC News

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  1. Another thing with textbooks is that they often included more work than can truly be taught for mastery in a given year. Using a textbook can lead educators to believe that they must complete all of the chapters in order to have successfully taught a subject. But really, is that teaching?

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