Posted by: Liana | August 12, 2009

YouTube – Diigo – Improving how we find, share, and save information

I have been using for at least a year. And I like it. But seriously, I donʻt use it much. Well, I do in the sense that I was dumping lots of stuff INTO it but not accessing the info very much. And then diigo came along and people started blogging about it. I signed up and imported my bookmarks but didnt really use it after that.

Well, just last week someone mentioned it again and I asked, "Why would I want to use diigo rather than" He replied, "Highlights, babe, highlights." Well, he might not have said the "babe" part but I wish he had.

So I am venturing back into diigo and trying to get a good grip on it. I put the plug-in on my computer at work AND I did a search for a help video and lo and behold!!! COOL STUFF!

So I am back on track again. School is back in session and Kumu Iaea is right back with it! Tahiti is a fond memory. Walking every morning is a thing of the past (except on weekends, of course). Itʻs time to LEARN!!!!

Oh, by the way, I just wanted you to know that I was able to do this blog RIGHT FROM the youtube site, as part of a diigo feature! Check out the video and you will know exactly what I mean! GOOD TIMES!


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