Posted by: Liana | March 29, 2009


I have been DELINQUENT! Teaching and life in general seem to put blog posts as a last priority. But the more I learn about new technology tools or ways that “old” tech tools are being used to improve student learning (and use them myself) I realize that posting to this blog is not only a way to share information, but also a great way to organize my own thinking!
And so, finally a post.
Every morning I wake up to a wonderful post by Kevin Jarrett. This morning was no exception. And while I think this particular “In Plain English” video is probably more suited to upper grades (middle on up) I do think teachers in elementary levels need to know that this is where our kids are heading. And anything we can do to help better prepare them for that world is in everybody’s best interest.

Take a look at this great post about Goomoodleikiog: Transforming Teaching in Plain English. You’ll love it and find it thought provoking.


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