Posted by: Liana | January 7, 2009


My latest greatest most favorite tool to help me remember (and believe me, I need help remembering nowadays) is evernote. As the website states: Evernote allows you to easily “capture” information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most confenient, andmakes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. In a nutshell, you can save, search, view information on any computer (web-based and downloadable) and on your phone. I have an iPhone and the application I downloaded is amazing. And it just keeps getting better. I now have a plug-in on firefox and just started using that today! When I find an amazing website (today I wanted to save a cool idea for a Thanksgiving activity with kids) or a great recipe that I want to save (comes in handy when grocery shopping), I just clicked on the plug-in, added appropriate tags, and wrote a short comment (to spark my memory once I access it again). Amazing. You wouldn’t believe the information I have stored on evernote. Business cards. Recipes. Websites. Pictures of books i want to buy. OMG I even have some voice memos (a couple of cheers I wrote way back). ID info (you know, airline mileage programs, membership to organizations, etc). travel info (things to do in NYC or LV that I read about or was recommended to me). And the list goes on. Best of all? It’s FREE! You can buy a premium account but I don’t even see any use for it..YET! I think I’ll work my way up to it, it’s that good. Here is a snapshot of one of my evernotes (a photo I took on my iMac, using iSight Note, on Evernote), a book I want to purchase later. You can see part of my list of “evernotes” that I’ve saved. On the second picture you can see the blog itself, plus, if you look carefully you can see the little evernote icon as a plug in on firefox. It’s to the left of the URL area. Evernote’s logo is a cute elephant. Get it?
Give it a try. If you are someone who has trouble remembering when and where you met or read something that you thought was important to remember, evernote is for you.


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