Posted by: Liana | August 10, 2008

Cyber Safety

One of my key objectives this year is to teach online safety and ethics to my students (and parents) so I am looking high and low for applicable resources, appropriate for K-5.  I’ll post them as I find them.  I found the video below on I know students who post anything (whether it’s pictures, videos or text) online will be able to imagine the implications.  What do you educators think? Too much for upper elementary? Good for parents? Let me know.  Hmmm….a wiki in the works?



  1. I’d suggest that you look at Alan November’s resources/publications on this topic, as well as Digital Citizenship resources. I use the 9 elements of digital citizenship with my students and I’ve found it to be very effective.

  2. If you are allowed to install an add-on, I would recommend Web of Trust. WOT shows the ratings for 20 million websites in Google, Yahoo!, etc, as you search, and if you are browsing and come upon a risky site that may harbor malware, WOT will warn you.

    As a former teacher and technology specialist, I feel that WOT would be a great tool for the classroom. It can be customized for more rigorous child safety, like blocking sites that are rated poorly or have no ratings at all, or left at the default for the older kids, who will see the warning, but have the option to continue.

    Please try it out and if you have any questions, please let me know. I would like to get feedback from teachers and schools.

    Best regards,
    Web of Trust

  3. Aloha e Liana,
    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your blog:-) I have used the i-Safe curriculum for the past couple of years and found it very helpful. The program is broken down to 5 major lessons: living as a net citizen, personal safety, technology and the computer virus, plagiarism and the theft of intellectual property, law enforcement and Internet safety. I have had a police officer assigned to Internet crimes come in and present this last unit due to the sensitive nature of the lesson. You can locate the website at Hope this helps:-)

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