Posted by: Liana | June 14, 2008

Tag Clouds Gone Fanciful

No sooner did I add tag clouds to my own sidebar (yup, that’s a tag cloud in my right sidebar…obviously I wrote a lot about VoiceThread) that someone comes up with an even fancier version. Thanks to Cogdog (a.k.a. Alan Levine), I found this great site, Wordle.

By cutting and pasting text into the text box you can create a fanciful tag cloud. You also have the ability to change fonts, layout, and color. The tag cloud here comes from my delicious account which Wordle can do automatically. You can see that a number of things in my delicious account relate to web2.0, a HUGE area of interest for me.

It’s definitely a nice variance on your typical tag cloud. Don’t know how else I would use it, other than to show you…hmmm…may have to use it in a lesson to, say, third graders. They would think it cool and fun. And I suppose there is some artsy value in it all. And they would look great on my bulletin board. Hope they can write a long enough piece to make it actually seem useful! Or maybe I’ll have 5th graders cut and paste their email so they can see what their most frequently used words are.



  1. What a surprise! I googled Kamehameha technology and this is what I got…. interesting stuff, tag clouds!!

  2. […] this new website at Image Chef that is very similar to Wordle but has different capabilities! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)LifelineWelcome to […]

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