Posted by: Liana | June 12, 2008

Wikispaces and VoiceThread

A few months ago I was asked by Alan Tamayose to present at the Kamehameha School Ed Tech Conference, focusing on Wikispaces and VoiceThread. I was a little apprehensive since I had never presented at a tech conference and I didn’t have that much experience on wikispaces but I was able to convince a good friend of mine, Cathy Ikeda, an 8th grade language arts teacher and tech enthusiast, to co-present with me. I introduced her to both wikispaces and voicethreads a few months ago and I knew she had tried both in her work.

We thought the best way to present would be to showcase our work and share our experiences via VoiceThread AND Wikispaces. Click here to access our wikispace on Wikispaces and VoiceThreads. 

We both think the presentation went well. After all, a couple of attendees came up afterwards to ask more questions and several commented during the course of the conference. And no one walked out. At least I don’t think anyone did. I was a bit too nervous to notice!



  1. Aloha e Kumu Honda!
    Many years after leaving Kamehameha as a Hawaiian language student in your class, you continue to inspire me. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned from you and Kathy in my own classroom. I’ll keep you updated on my own tech journey! (see, I even got my own gmail account now! =0) )
    Me ke aloha pumehana…

  2. Aloha, e Liana,

    Pehea ‘oe? Hoihoi no au i VT. Ua ‘ike au i kau VT me ka heluhelu ‘ana o na keiki a makemake no au e ho’a’o e hana like me ka’u mau keiki. Hiki paha ke leka uila mai a laila hiki no ia kaua ke kukakuka e pili ana ia? Mahalo nui 🙂

    E aloha aku ia Kala’i!

    na malia

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