Posted by: Liana | April 26, 2008

3 Steps for 21st Century Learning

This morning Twitter took me to Ustream with Will Rich co-hosting presentations by Ed.D students, which took me to (since the chatroom is Ustream was being blocked) which let me be privy to a conversation by other educators. This particular YouTube video was shared by @Classroomqueen.

Why do our classrooms look like the same classrooms from 1960s? Why do we expect students to learn the same way we learned (or even our parents/grandparents) when we are in rapidly changing times?  And then we complain about how bad things are going, how the kids aren’t the same, how they aren’t learning, how they are not supported at home. Are we supporting them in school like they need to be supported? And by supported I don’t mean nagged, scolded, kept in for recess, expected to copy things off of the board, forced to retell stories, be uncreative, banned from the ONE computer in the class, sit on the floor for extended periods, not allowed to touch, converse, collaborate with classmates.

We complain when students “can’t” or won’t learn new things and then we refuse to learn new things: email, blogging, chatting, skyping, wikispaces, googledocs. Or worse yet, we say we don’t have time.  Who has the time? We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. Do your students have time? Does the teacher in the next classroom who IS blogging, putting things on the web, attending PD opportunities have more time than you?

What are your priorities?

As Regie Routman says “We need to work smarter, not harder”. Are you working smarter or are you doing the same thing you’ve been doing and finding that it’s not working? Or that it it less and less effective?

It’s time to change. Enter the 21st century. We’re already 8 years into it and counting. You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem. Be an example to your students.

Jumping down from the soap box.



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