Posted by: Liana | March 7, 2008

Art Zone

Our school has a fabulous art teacher: Mrs. Tana Rosehill. She does wonderful things with the students. In fact all the art pieces my daughter did in her class I had framed professionally and they all hang in my classroom.

She brought her 3rd graders into my lab to show them a fabulous webpage called The Art Zone. On Collage Machine and Collage Machine II the kids ended up making wonderful collages that will go with their homeless project display. When I clicked on Collage Machine a popup said I had to install new components for shockwave but I just clicked cancel and it still worked.

Once the collage was complete students took a screen shot of their collages (command shift 4) and it saved as a png on their desktops. Then they could print their favorite collage!

These samples are quickies done by me and Mrs. Rosehill. They are not nearly as creative as what the kids ended up producing. It’s amazing what they can do when left to their own devices. NO FEAR!




  1. Liana, this is titillating, I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Our hope is that people will have as much fun creating with Collage Machine as we had making it. For anyone interested it is available on a CD which allows you to add your own pictures opening up a load of other possibilities.

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