Posted by: Liana | February 28, 2008 continued

My Wikispaces project was a success (see previous post). But success can be measured in degrees. To the trained eye, it may seem as if it was a mishmash of ideas. For me it was a superb learning experience for me and my students. It was my first attempt, it served its purpose (collaboration between two separate classes), and I am ready and willing to try another wikispace project as soon as the need arises.

Remember being in your beginning teacher training class? You get all these lectures and reading materials on things like classroom management and scope and sequence, standards, integration, etc., but until you have been in the classroom for some time you can’t really grasp the implications, realize the applicability, understand the philosophy behind it all.

That’s how I feel about Wikispaces.  I heard about them before my attempt. I went to visit a few. But until I actually tried it out, I didn’t fully understand the capabilities AND possibilities. Now I get it. Or I should say I get some of it. After one attempt I certainly can’t profess to get it all. But I’m thankful that I took the risk, right along with my students. And I’m grateful that some of them were able to teach me new things that they discovered right alongside me (or in the comfort of their own homes).  Shouldn’t that be part of the beauty of teaching/learning?

During my morning ride to work, I listened to a podcast on They mentioned a wikispace site ( I went to visit it as soon as I got to work. It won awards and I can see why. When I look at this wikispace I see possibilities that I could never have seen prior to my own attempt at wikispaces.

And so the beat goes on. Wikispaces this week. VoiceThread next week. Isn’t life and teaching wonderful when the passion flames keep burning?



  1. You inspire me!

    Keep up the innovative work!

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