Posted by: Liana | February 14, 2008

iCan Cafe II

Following in the footsteps my friend, Alan, at our sister school on O’ahu, I am holding mini workshops entitled: iCan Cafe II (iCan Cafe I is on O’ahu). These are short snippets of computer skills/applications/software/whatever for teachers to enhance their lives both personally and professionally.

Our first iCan Cafe II was all about blogging from a consumer’s point of view. I shared with teachers some of my favorite personal blogs (from my own to a couple of friends) and professional blogs. I showed them how to search for blogs on  An evaluation form I made on showed me that participants thought it was either too short or just right.  Bite size.  Palatable.  Non threatening. Simple enough.  Everyone stayed beyond 20 minutes.

Next week is all about podcasts from a consumer’s point of view. I think before I can get these teachers blogging and podcasting they need to see the value as a consumer first.  Once again, I’ll share some of my favorite personal podcasts (all about gardening, cooking, and health) and then some professional podcasts as well as podcasts that students love (national geographic, for example).
Twenty minutes may not seem long to you, but for me AND the participants, it is JUST RIGHT!



  1. I think twenty minutes at a time is great; especially if it keeps up attention and generates interest to investigate more later. It’s easier than telling everyone that you’re going to capture them for several hours.

    If you’re interested in participating, I’ve tagged you with the Passion Quilt meme that has been going around.

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