Posted by: Liana | February 11, 2008

Survey Monkey

I just started doing mini-workshops twice a month. Subjects range from “What is a blog?” to “using podcasts in the classroom”. They are 20 minutes long. Small bites. Quick and dirty.

Someone in our IT department said I should have a short evaluation form so I can collect data to measure the efficacy. Hmmm…

What better way to do an eval/survey for technology workshops than online! I finally took the plunge and made up a form on Survey Monkey. Quick, painless. I actually signed up for their free account months ago but as with most things, it takes me a little while to warm up (get brave enough) to use it.

It was very easy. VERY easy. And the added beauty of it? Results are analyzed in real time. I know exactly how many people responded, what percentage thought my session was too short vs. just right (thank goodness no one said it was too long) and any comments they entered.

Do you need a survey? Try it online with Survey Monkey!




  1. can you also identify WHO answered WHAT on their surveys? just curious!

  2. I cannot identify WHO answered WHAT which makes Survey Monkey totally anonymous!

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