Posted by: Liana | January 7, 2008

Thanks to twitter and Langwitches I got introduced to a new website and service at I am all about “free” and technology so once I read that they are offering free premium accounts (for one year, a $99.50 value, but you must sign up by the end of January 2008) to bloggers, I wasted no time to sign up (actually I had to email them with my blog address, but you can get an account without a blog, it just won’t be the premium account and right now I don’t know the difference!).

Yugma allows you to collaborate with others virtually. Hmmm. What does this mean? Well, I tested it out with my daughter who was sitting at a computer a few rows down in my class. I started a session on my computer. She went to and pressed on “join a session”. All she had to do was enter her name, email, and the session ID (which I gave to her since it was up on my screen). Once she pressed start, up popped her name on my screen and, Voila, my desktop popped up on her screen. She could see EVERYTHING I had going on on my desktkop. And we could “chat” publicly or privately, typing in comments back and forth to one another. Yugma also provides a number so you can call and conference with whoever is in your session.

Once I understood Yugma at its basic level, I called my mom who is 70 miles away because she was having a computer issue. She couldn’t see her dock on her Mac. I knew that hiding was on. So I had her go to and log in and once she could see my desktop on HER desktop I could show her how to go to the apple, dock, turn hiding off, etc. It was great. She was so excited. Usually I am having to help her over the phone and both of us are NEVER sure if we are communicating correctly.

Okay, to top it all off their customer service is GREAT!!!

I didn’t know if I could see others’ desktops or they could just see mine so I emailed Renee at Yugma (she was the one who sent me my username and password) to ask and she emailed me back right away! YES YOU CAN!

How does this translate to my work at school? When teachers in other buildings need help, I usually have to get over to their rooms which can be quite a distance. If it’s an issue such as my mom’s I can just have them watch me do it on my computer and have them do it on theirs simultaneously. Nothing like doing it yourself to remember it for future use. I can also have “virtual meetings” if need be. I suppose there are many possibilities. I’m looking forward to figuring out what they might be. This is definitely web 2.0 in action.



  1. when i use yugma for remote tech support, i usually give the other person presenter status (so i can see their desktop) and have them grant me sharing of the mouse/keyboard. this lets me take control of their computer, quick fix and be on with my day. just an fyi if you didn’t know.

    isn’t yugma fabulous, though? i hope you have as great of success with the tool as i have! …i heard they’re coming out with some new functions in the next few months too!

  2. Hi,

    This is Connie from Yugma. On behalf of Yugma with our One Year Anniversary, I would like to thank you for mentioning us on your site and helping us to spread the word about our product. The blogging community had had an integral part in making Yugma one of the fastest growing real-time web collaborations services in 2007 with over 100,000 users to date.

    To express our thanks, we’re donating/sponsoring Yearly Premium Yugma accounts (valued at $99.50) to bloggers who simply ask. To learn more about this program and how to get your sponsored Yugma account, check out the details on the Yugma blog – linked below.

    Please be sure to check this out soon! The window to request your account through the Yugma Blogger Program will be through the end of January, 2008.

    With Greatest Appreciation,

    Connie and the rest of the Yugma Team

    PS: Be sure to stay tuned! Yugma is set to release new features and improved performance in the next few weeks and months. To keep informed of all the happenings, check out under the news and blog.

  3. Tried it with Kathy today and can see great classroom applications for it. Will explore more! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  4. Kinda scary but really cool. Grandma is going to take full advantage of you this way, I’m sure.

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