Posted by: Liana | January 4, 2008


I first heard about Twitter from my dear friends, Andy Bilodeau and Vivian Vasquez at the NCTE Conference held in NYC. Since that time I heard it mentioned on a few technology podcasts I listen to regularly so I knew that it was only a matter of time…

So a few days before the new year I went to Twitter and signed up. My favorite name was taken (kamanu) so I am known as lihonda (you’ll want to know this so you can search for me and “follow” me).

All I knew was that Andy and Vivian were Twitters and apparently that’s all I needed to know. In no time at all, I “found” them, saw who they were following, followed a few of them and the rest, shall we say, is history!

Any questions I needed to ask I asked on Twitter. People are great about helping, responding, supporting.

What is Twitter? It’s a social networking service where members do “mini-blogs” (140 characters or less) that are visible by, well, whoever you wish! You can prevent people from seeing your “tweets” or just be open to the world. You can also see the updates of any number of people you are following. People you follow may include your friends, colleagues, people in your field (this has proven MOST helpful to me as a technology teacher), and, well, you wouldn’t believe who’s in there! I see twitters from Grammar Girl, Wes Fryer, David Warlick and more!

It’s addictive, it’s fun, it’s informative, and it’s going to help me be in the loop in an enjoyable way. And meet some really great people along the way.



  1. I found my way to your blog via Twitter (I’m karlyb). Good luck on recording your journey in the wide world of web 2.0!

  2. What did you learn from your inquiry about Leopard?

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