Posted by: Liana | January 3, 2008

The Beginning of the Journey

When I started my new career as an elementary technology teacher in August 2007 (after ~20 years in language/literacy education) I thought about journaling my journey. In a journal. Book. It took me a few months to realize that the journal idea was a good one but perhaps better served, in my current capacity, on a blog.

I thought this blog could serve a couple of purposes. One–keep me actively blogging and learning (so as to have something to blog about). Two–teach others who are more like me than they know (read into this: not tech savvy).  I know I know.  I am a tech teacher. But I don’t know everything I should know at this point but I am eager to learn. And I intend to learn with not only my students but also with my colleagues. Teaching and learning. Hand in hand.  And isn’t it interesting that the Hawaiian word for teaching is the same as the word for learning. A’o.

So welcome to you all.



  1. Very fun-to-read post–welcome, fellow technology teacher (from Virginia, by the Atlantic coast)

  2. Aloha e ke kumu Honda,

    O Ho’ohau’oli keia.

    I was looking around on twitter and came across your twitter page, by surprise. I thought I’d check out your blog and … VOILA! here I am at your first blog entry. I’m helping out in the effort to protect the “ceded” lands, so I’ve been making tweets at It looks like you’re doing well. I never would’ve guessed that you would become a technology teacher.

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