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Love this new website at Image Chef that is very similar to Wordle but has different capabilities!

Posted by: Liana | November 12, 2009

Kudos to Melanie Ching at Wai’alae Elementary who twittered about

Picture 2

What an easy site to post to! Via email! With pics, videos, MP3s and files! Super easy. Trying to see if this might be just my answer to a class blog so my students can post their own work!

I went ahead and tried it out myself at this new blog. No sense thinking it would be usable with my students if I don’t practice first!

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What is a Web Browser?

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Kudos to my friend and colleague Darrin Sato at Kamehameha for teaching me about Have you ever wanted to share several links with someone or with a class? is the place for you! 

Today our teachers at the elementary school were fortunate to have Stephanie Harvey (a Heinemann author) present to us in an all day workshop on teaching non-fiction (reading and writing). It was fabulous. Well throughout the day, Stephanie would mention different authors and studies and websites that we might find useful in our work with non fiction. I had multiple tabs up by the end of the day but most teachers in the room didn’t have their laptops.

So I went to and created a sharetab link for everyone. With the press of a button I was able to create a sharetab called

Picture 4

It was so easy! One click practically! And now everyone will have all the websites literally at their fingertips. There is a “preview” of each website as well as links as “tabs” at the top of the sharetabs page.

Thanks Darrin!

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iPods, Laptops Replacing School Textbooks – ABC News

I am wondering if I should be sharing this with my principal, teachers and library media specialists. What do you think? Would it make a difference?
I am not a big fan of textbooks of any sort (well, maybe math…). I think they become outdated too quickly, they have inconsistent and inaccurate data frequently, they are TOO HEAVY for kids to haul around in their backpacks (seriously, I remember my 5th grader having to lug 5 textbooks on any given day) and there is so much information out there on the web at their fingertips (via handheld devices and laptops). Besides the fact that they are EXPENSIVE and a waste of trees.
What do you think?iPods, Laptops Replacing School Textbooks – ABC News

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E Learning for Kids

I love me a great website for kids. And I found one, thanks to my twitter PLN (personal learning network) and twitter friend, Angela Maiers.  She always posts the greatest websites, including the focus of today’s blog, E-Learning for Kids.

It has a wide array of SUPER kid friendly lessons and activities on specific subjects, such as language arts, science, math, health and computer skills. It is unbelievably GOOD!

I checked out a great math lesson on mean, median, and mode. NICE! I learned from it!

I also looked at another math lesson fractions. Very interactive. Kids take a magic wand, choose the total amount of apples, and then select one to change the color to green. One third! Tell me what kid wouldn’t like this? I’m certain there is someone out there who wouldn’t like it. But that’s what differentiation is all about…learning multiple ways.

Good luck!

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Until I learn how to do webpages, I am all about putting everything I need and everything my students and their families need, on my blogs or wikispaces. So I am really loving two new wikispaces for use by teachers. One is “Cool Tools for Schools” and and is full of great web 2.0 apps that students AND teachers can use. They are awesome. The other one is “Getting Tricky with Wikis“. If you are a teacher and you use wikispaces, this is a must have for you!!!

Cool Tools for Schools

Cool Tools for Schools

Getting Tricky with Wikis

Getting Tricky with Wikis

I am constantly amazed at the collaboration from teachers throughout the world. In this case, sharing is caring…caring that teachers have the tools available to integrate technology successfully, and caring for students, that they have tools available to them, too, to move forward and become change agents.

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I finally had a chance to play with again. Whew. As easy as it was the first time! And I can tell right away that animoto changed my glottal stop (from a Mac) into a question mark (obviously a PC lover). Darn. I know for the next time.

Now I wonder how I can get my elementary students using this without having to have all of them sign up for their own accounts.

I have been using for at least a year. And I like it. But seriously, I donʻt use it much. Well, I do in the sense that I was dumping lots of stuff INTO it but not accessing the info very much. And then diigo came along and people started blogging about it. I signed up and imported my bookmarks but didnt really use it after that.

Well, just last week someone mentioned it again and I asked, "Why would I want to use diigo rather than" He replied, "Highlights, babe, highlights." Well, he might not have said the "babe" part but I wish he had.

So I am venturing back into diigo and trying to get a good grip on it. I put the plug-in on my computer at work AND I did a search for a help video and lo and behold!!! COOL STUFF!

So I am back on track again. School is back in session and Kumu Iaea is right back with it! Tahiti is a fond memory. Walking every morning is a thing of the past (except on weekends, of course). Itʻs time to LEARN!!!!

Oh, by the way, I just wanted you to know that I was able to do this blog RIGHT FROM the youtube site, as part of a diigo feature! Check out the video and you will know exactly what I mean! GOOD TIMES!

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I have been DELINQUENT! Teaching and life in general seem to put blog posts as a last priority. But the more I learn about new technology tools or ways that “old” tech tools are being used to improve student learning (and use them myself) I realize that posting to this blog is not only a way to share information, but also a great way to organize my own thinking!
And so, finally a post.
Every morning I wake up to a wonderful post by Kevin Jarrett. This morning was no exception. And while I think this particular “In Plain English” video is probably more suited to upper grades (middle on up) I do think teachers in elementary levels need to know that this is where our kids are heading. And anything we can do to help better prepare them for that world is in everybody’s best interest.

Take a look at this great post about Goomoodleikiog: Transforming Teaching in Plain English. You’ll love it and find it thought provoking.

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